Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy pregnancy tips

I've had a few people ask me lately how I've handled pregnancy with a good attitude.
I thought it was a funny question at first, but I guess pregnant people have a reputation of not being the easiest people to be around sometimes, haha.
I know this can be a sensitive issue, because everyone's pregnancies are so different,
but it got me thinking and I wanted to share a few of the things I did before and during pregnancy that I think made the difference for me!

1. Choose gratitude
I think a lot of a good attitude during pregnancy comes from remembering that pregnancy will not last forever, and not every gets to experience it, so don't take it lightly! Even when I was feeling nauseous (which lasted more than four straight months) I tried to find ways to deal with it other than complaining, because I knew thousands of women out there would gladly take my place. There were plenty of nights when I would pull in from a long day at work and a long, uncomfortable commute and be on the verge of tears because my body ached and I wanted to throw up, but I would just go inside, grab a snack and take a little bath to rejuvenate. So find your happy place, and go there whenever you need to and recharge! And remember the reason you're feeling the way you do -- it's completely a miracle.

2. Exercise if you can
I knew I wanted to exercise while I was pregnant, so I made sure to push my body before I got pregnant so it would be able to handle the extra stress. I honestly believe exercise has been the reason I haven't had back pain (something I have had chronically since junior high) and emotionally it has allowed me to gain the necessary weight to carry a baby without feeling out of control. Find what works for you and don't be afraid to sweat!

3. Find a relaxing activity to do as a couple
Being with Jason recharges me in a variety of ways, and during pregnancy that became especially important! One of our favorite activities to do as a couple is simple and free: walking. Three or four nights a week we usually go on an hour-long walk and I'm glad that activity can also translate into parenthood as we bring the baby along in a stroller! Some nights when I feel too exhausted to move, we opt for an indoor activity instead, like watching and episode of Shark Tank or The Profit (I think you can guess what genre we like!). No matter what we end up doing, we make sure to spend a few minutes cuddling up together and talking about the day.

4. Keep getting ready
Watching your body change so quickly is an incredible experience. I will admit though, there are days that you can get a little down on yourself by simply looking too closely, haha.  Remember that it's just for a season, and I promise you can still feel cute through every stage of pregnancy, no matter what crazy things your body is doing. Make sure you have a few maternity outfits that are flattering and you can grow into, because waking up and having to squeeze yourself into clothes that are too small will only hurt your possibly unstable pregnant self. I prepared for this buy getting some maternity clothes from Gap, Old Navy and H&M pretty quickly after I got pregnant when they were having a big sale so I wouldn't have to buy them out of desperation! I highly recommend it. You will need them eventually, so you might as well get them early on. Also, even on your most tired of days, make an effort to shower and get ready enough to feel like you're still taking care of yourself. Sometimes, you can trick yourself in to thinking you have energy by getting ready and getting moving!

5. Have a long torso
Honestly, I can't take credit for many of the good days I've had during this pregnancy. Most of the time, I have felt pretty dang good and I can only attribute that to the way my body just naturally is. I never feel the baby up in my ribs, I don't have trouble breathing, and frankly, most of the time I'm quite comfortable. I say that because I know not everyone's pregnancies are that way, and having a good attitude is a whole lot harder when you've got a head on your bladder and two little feet going lord of the dance all over your insides. Sometimes women are put on bed rest, or sometimes they're sick the entire nine months. But sometimes women are told they won't experience any of these things, and those are the times I feel especially grateful and humbled for the opportunity to be a mom.

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