Thursday, January 8, 2015


Thank you to all of you sweet friends who congratulated us on our exciting news!
We are seriously thrilled (and in total disbelief that there's really a tiny human inside me)!

Realizing I am pregnant was such a surreal thing.
First, I didn't believe it.
And I stared at that faint little test line until I went cross eyed,
and I took another.
And another.
And yes, the test was right!
So I laughed and cried and went to bed without telling Jason because I wanted to tell him in the morning so he could have a good night's sleep.
He had a great night's sleep, and I had a great night awake,
day dreaming about this little baby.
It was a special night for me.

At 5 AM the next morning, I told Jason and we laughed and cried some more.

Fast forward a few weeks and we tell our families at Christmas,
and I have my first ultrasound soon after.
I see the baby move for the first time, and laugh/cry a little more because it's unbelievable that this little thing is just growing away in there and before I know it my life will be changed forever.

^^ I love this photo!
Jason was out of town for my first appointment, and his friend secretly took this of him looking at the photo I sent from the ultrasound!

I know this isn't an experience that every woman gets to have,
and I am deeply grateful that so far my body has cooperated with a new roommate.
So if you're reading this and feeling discouraged and worrying that you might not get to have an experience like what I'm describing, please know that I am praying for you.
Because every time I give thanks for this baby, I think about all the women who would do, and are doing every single thing they can to have children. I admire you.


  1. The grand adventure begins. Being responsible for another human being stretches you in more than one way. Congratulations.