Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I just want to read!

When the snow comes out, so do the books.
But for college students we're usually talking about textbooks.
But I don't want to read textbooks.
I want to read real books.
Books that aren't written by my professors and their colleagues.
Luckily, Jason...

(Yes, that's Jason. I know, right?)

Gave me a hand-me-down kindle yesterday so I can rekindle my burning desire to read again!
For pleasure!
So now that it's basically Christmas I'm going to pull out my new (old) kindle.
And read.

What's first on my list?

I'll let you know how it is.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I've taken a sabbatical from blogging.

Sometimes life gets a little crazy,
(in the best way)
And sometimes the least important things in life just slip away.
(like blogging)

So here's a little update on life and what I've learned lately.

- Yes, I HAGS (had a great summer, in case you've been trying to remember what this meant all throughout your high school yearbook). Went on tour with the YAs for one of the best months of my life.
(visit this link to see a documentary series of what we were up to!) Also, spent the other half of the summer as an intern in the political bureau for ABC's Good Morning America. Pretty neat stuff.

- Now I'm back in school for my last year at BYU. Things get kind of gushy sometimes when I think about my last time registering for classes, my last time hiking the Y as a coug (yeah.. I know)! And being done with school for good. I love school.

- There's always stuff to do. Between capstones, two reporting jobs, callings, friends, a trendy yoga gym, and a handsome man... it's a miracle nothing major has started falling through the cracks... yet.

- I'm an auntie! My sister law Linndsy gave birth to a beautiful, round baby boy named Aiden conference weekend. The spiritual rejuvenation really did her good!

- Being busy does not make you better than someone else. In fact, they're probably living a little better than you because they actually have time to walk slow and appreciate the little things I power walk by. I'm working on that.

-Using italics and bold and really small print really makes reading a blog more interesting. 

- Taking weekend trips is fun!
Even when you're only shoe option looks a little bit too similar to a children's brandless basketball high top. Who knows where this is?

- Having someone to stop you from eating sweets during your fall break from *sugar really does help you to stay on track.

*For me, hot cocoa, cinnamon toast crunch, buttermilk syrup, frozen yogurt, and australian licorice contain no sugar. So basically, I've only eliminated cookies, pie, cake, and wrapped candy. But it's improvement!

- Dogs make great storytelling footage. 
(begin watching at 7:45)

- Yoga makes the heart grow fonder.

- Plenty more that I'm not going to tell you. Unless you ask me in person.

So there you have it. I'm here, I'm alive, and I'm just loving life too much lately to spend my time blogging! 

But now that the weather is changing
(hello chapped lips!)
Maybe I'll pay a visit to my blog sometime and say a thing or two about traditional living in a progressive society.
But only if I feel like it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Let us be morning people

Are you a morning person?

...or a night person?

Think about it. Now take it back. Take back whatever you just labeled yourself as. From now on, you are a morning person, an afternoon person, and a night person. Look at you go!

From my extensive internet research and real-life experience, most people are not "morning people."

In fact, Gallup says that only 19% of young adults are this rare breed.

But whether it's natural or a learned habit, damsels are morning people.

And you can be one too. You are a damsel (or dame), you know.

And guess what. Morning people are generally happier people! Why? Because society's expectations gel much better with a morning person's schedule than an evening person's. Too often we go through the week unhappy that we have to wake up earlier than we want to. I must admit, it is a challenge to balance a social life with an early rising lifestyle, but it's possible. Stay out if  what you're doing is really worthwhile; turn in if it's not.

I've been trying to get back on a more regular morning schedule now that fall semester is just around the corner, and here are some tips I've found to be quite helpful!

Secret #1: Get out of bed when you FIRST wake up in the morning.
It really is that simple. I've been trying this lately instead of thinking, "Oh phew, I still have 15 more minutes until my alarm" or "I have the whole day ahead of me and I want to spend it in bed!" Yucky! Don't do that, you will feel terrible about yourself and you will be 1,000 times less productive.

Secret #2: Make your alarm your ringtone.
I quickly develop aversions to alarms, but I discovered that keeping my alarm the same as my ringtone (Natalie Cole's "This Will Be" really gets me going) stops this from happening. It's like the day ahead is calling to say good morning.

Secret #3: Think of something you are excited for that day while you're metamorphicizing between sleep and wakefulness.
This can be as simple as delicious smelling shampoo in the shower, a cute outfit you picked out the night before, or a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart for breakfast. Score!
Do remember, however, that there will be some days that are not as fun to wake up for. Like the dentist appointment I have tomorrow morning. No matter what you're doing though, go into it with a good attitude and the day will be yours!

Secret #4: Go to bed before midnight.
Yep. Just try it. Even if you wake up at 6:30 chances are you still got seven hours of sleep! And seven to eight hours is all you need. Beauty rest does have a time limit.

Secret #5: Follow a nightly routine that makes you feel pretty in the morning.
This is different for everyone, but mine always involves washing my face, brushing and flossing my teeth, and using night cream on my face! My new favorite is Burt's Bee's Radiance Night Cream. Smells like heaven and makes your face feel (and look) delicious!

Also, cute pajamas help me in this effort.

And maybe someday a canopy bed like this!

Now, to solidify these habits in myself. Happy trails, and happy mornings to you!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Well, it's been a long time.

But I don't really feel like I owe this blog anything, since I'm the human and this is the machine, meant for my use, not vice versa (these are the things I study in school, sorry).

So, here's a little catch up!

Saw the craziest show:  Xanadu.  Roller skates, afros, sign language, Australian accents, and my fierce amigas.  Nothing better!

Cut my upper lip on the edge of a chair in the newsroom... many thanks to the anonymous donation of this chimichanga ice pack from the freezer.

                                    Spent a weekend driving around AZ with my family!

                   Got to be home to celebrate McKay's birthday and engagement!  AH!

Took a cake decorating class with Michele in an attempt to become more domestic (not domesticated).

Ryan and Linndsy are pregnant!!  Praying for a girl in this family...

Scored some communications awards!

                                            Falling in love with my reporting job!

Also fell in love with Jackson Hole, WY.

                               Did my last show as a Young Ambassador in America.

Unleashed some llamas!

        Been on a wildlife kick... elephant and camel are done... ostrich, you're up next!

                                                           Got a yellow fever shot.

                        Disco skating for this babe's last weekend of bachelorettehood!

And two more weeks in Utah... then a month in this place!

Hello South Africa.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Meet Cute

Meet cute: scenario in which two individuals are brought together in a zany, crazy, destined-to-fall-in-love-together-forever sort of way

I'm a romantic.  Blame it on the media, blame it on my nature, or blame it on those meet-cute myths us girls find ourselves talking about late at night.  Some people have extraterrestrial meet-cutes, like...

meeting at a polo match
on a ride at Disneyland
or while raking leaves
But a healthy part of the time, couples meet in the typical places: class, single's wards, baby friends.  And you know what?  I think that's just great.  No matter where you meet, your chances of happiness are probably about the same.  But for fun, let's take a stroll down 90s (and a little beyond) romantic comedy meet-cute memory lane.

You've Got Mail - 1998 
Sleepless in Seattle - 1993
While You Were Sleeping - 1995
The Wedding Planner - 2001
How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days - 2003
I'm not a serious movie critic, but these really tug on my heartstrings.  Plus, the filming is simple and the story lines are relatively clean.  Those were the days!

So, what I'm trying to say is that us girls should reevaluate those romantic ideals we can't bear to budge on.  Just because you didn't meet him carrying strangers groceries to their cars, in a garden reading a classic novel, or rafting down the Amazon doesn't mean he isn't worthwhile.  He probably does all those things too... just not while you're watching.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dads are classy, too

What a touching day in Washington:


There's something to be learned from this, and I'm grateful that for my entire life, I've been learning from this man.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dressing: it's not about you!

Each morning I wake up, roll out of bed, jump in the shower...

Hello shower cap!  A must-have for every damsel.
and take a few minutes to make myself look presentable.  But what is it that makes some mornings so much easier than others?  Every few shakes of a lambs tail I wake up with "Perfect Day" from Legally Blonde running through my veins.  But some days I'd rather just stay in bed a while longer.

On the days when we're feeling oh-so-tired we tend to reflect it in how we dress.  Sweats, messy buns, no make up, you know what I mean.  But haven't we always heard that we will act how we dress?  Well, it's true.

Imagine this:  you spend all afternoon and evening getting ready for something special.  We'll say it's prom.  How did you act when your date picked you up at the door?  Did you slouch over and stomp your way down the stairs?  No!  You took your time.  You glided.  You let people see you.  Not in an overbearing way, but as a beautiful girl who is happy, confident, and self-assured.

Have you seen this couple?  Last seen tangoing across the dance floor in 2009.
Now, imagine this:  You wake up the next morning.  You've got a cemented up-do and five times more make up than usual still caked on your face because you got home at two in the morning.  You throw on a dress, brush your teeth, and head off to church.  Now how do you carry yourself?  That's what I thought.

So why do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we let ourselves wake up tired, and then feed that by putting on baggy sweats, an over-sized sweatshirt, and slink around campus like the world just punched us in the face.  It didn't just punch you in the face.  And don't tell me that you're saving time.  I find that I spend significantly more time trying to make myself look sloppily presentable than if I'd just gotten ready in the first place.

One more example:  traveling.

Ah!  I love it!  I looked through pictures of people traveling in the 21st century and figured it would be better if I just let you see these instead.  Traveling used to be seen as a privilege; something that was just as important as the trip itself.  Think about when the railroad began.  It was a social event!  Today's travelers would do well to take some advice from these classy people and learn that sometimes it's even more comfortable to dress a little bit nicer because you'll feel that much better about yourself.  Plus, your about forty times more likely to engage in a healthy, uplifting conversation with another person because you've dressed the part.

So there you have it.  Dressing is not about you, it's about making yourself available to others.  Not in a dating way, in a kind, compassionate, love your neighbor way.  My mom used to try to tell me this, but I didn't believe her.  She's the kind of lady who wears a cute outfit on an airplane and always makes a new friend in the bathroom, and now I know why.

This princess knows what she's doing.
Next time you wake up--perfect day, tired day, rough day, or traveling-across-the-world day--put on something nice.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just let yourself look put together.  You will feel infinitely better, and others will be drawn to the beauty in how you carry yourself.