Saturday, December 6, 2014


The world would tell us that the best feeling in the entire world comes from:
buying the newest model of your dream car,
finding the "missing piece" to your wardrobe,
or spending an entire day pampering yourself.

Those things are nice, but there are things that can bring us much greater joy than that!
One of those things is the feeling you get when you follow a prompting.
Now that is one of the greatest things I have ever felt.

Following promptings gives you the feeling that you're in a good place, that you're receptive to the spirit, and that you're willing to put your plans on hold - or throw them out all together.

I've had a few experiences in my life where following promptings has changed my life dramatically:
*interning in Washington, D.C.
*living with certain roommates
*choosing my major

I've also had experiences where following promptings didn't change my life dramatically,
but it sure did make some things easier!

Take this week for example...

Yesterday, I had a feeling to clean out my purse.
I did, and found my temple recommend in a very strange spot.
I envisioned myself trying to get into a temple sealing for a loved one, only to look in my wallet and not see my recommend.
I am so grateful for that little prompting!

Two days ago, I had a specific phrase pop into my head.
It took me by surprise, and I had the feeling to text that phrase to my husband.
I brushed it off and told myself I would do it later.
A few minutes later I was eating my lunch and had the impression again to text my husband,
so I put down my fork and sent him the text.
That evening, he told me that text was the answer to a question he had prayed about the night before.

A few days before that, I was looking for something I had lost and it was driving me insane.
Finally, I knelt in prayer and asked the Lord for help.
I stood up, walked directly to a small bag behind the couch, put my hand in and pulled out exactly what I had been looking for.

I don't write about these things to tell you how many promptings I've received lately,
I write this to remind you and me that we are constantly being prompted to do good!

I heard someone say once that they had never truly received revelation.
I thought about this, and asked myself if I had ever received real revelation?
Well let's break down the world revelation.
I'm pretty sure reveal is the root of it.
So has anything ever been revealed to me?
Yes. Yes. Yes.
The location of my keys, the needs of a loved one, the truth of someone's words.
Revelation and promptings go hand in hand.

And one more thing I've learned about revelation:
Revelation seems to come easier and more quickly when it's used to serve someone else

Try it out! I promise it works.
Pray to know who you can help today, and have a pen and paper ready to write down the ideas that come to you.
Then go do them!

For an inspiring devotional on revelation read THIS

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

Am I the only one who wishes Thanksgiving was like two weeks earlier?!
I feel like I'm in a mad dash to feel all Christmasy before the season is done!

So, to help me really soak in the next four-ish weeks of Christmas,
here's what I've been doing:

watching It's a Wonderful Life (for the first time!)
listening to my three favorite Christmas albums:
Amy Grant, 98 degrees, & The Nutcracker Suite
lathering my body with Christmas-scented lotion
and putting up my favorite Christmas decoration we brought to
(and took home from)
a white elephant party last year:

*Many thanks to my girl Lizzy for our first homemade ornament!
(Lizzy called herself the unicycle when we were dating, because she said it was like we were on a tandem and she was riding along with us on a unicycle - ha!)

All these Christmas smells and sounds have also got me thinking about Christmas traditions!
What kind of Christmas people are we going to be?
Are we going to go all out and do that radio station thing where the christmas lights on your house dance to the beat?
Are we going to have inflatable snow globes in our front yard?
Are we going to dress up in olden time outfits and go caroling?
Are we going to provide gifts and necessities for families in need?
Are we all going to open matching pajamas on Christmas eve?
(my family never did that one… which explains why most of my pajamas are hideous and mismatched.)

I don't really know all the answers to these questions
(except for one above tradition we started last year that I love!)
but I'm sure time will tell.

I would, though, like to keep a Christ-centered Christmas,
which for me means things like:
amp up my scripture reading
spend minimal time on social media
and wake up early to accomplish what I need to so I can focus more on others

I know those things don't sound like your typical festivities...
but hey, if I can do them I think the Christmas spirit will take care of itself!

And one more thing to help with the Christmas spirit...

The Mesa LDS Temple is one of the few temples that goes all out with their Christmas lights!
As part of the Christmas lights, every night at 7:00 PM on the north side of the visitors center is a concert, and I am so honored to be the hostess for a few of the Christmas concerts this year.

 I hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 27, 2014


I read about a study a few years ago that came to one, powerful conclusion:
Grateful people are happier people.

I love that!
And I know it's true.
That's why Thanksgiving is such a lovely holiday.
No gifts received, no talk of what you want and need,
just all out gratitude for what you have.

I learned something in primary on Sunday that I've tried a few times this week.
We learned about prayer, and were challenged to thank Heavenly Father for 10 things before we ask for anything.
It has most definitely changed my prayers!
By the time I even get to what I am asking for help with, I am filled with so much gratitude for what I have already been helped with.
Heavenly Father is looking out for us. All the time.

In this spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I would comment on a few things I'm especially grateful for today.

My Husband Jason

I love this man with all of my heart! He is loving, joyful, fun, spontaneous, hardworking, patient and warm. He is the greatest thing to ever come into my life. To come downstairs twice in the last twelve hours to find him kneeling in prayer is so beautiful. To me, Jason personifies love. 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

This is at the very core of everything I am. If people could know just one thing about me, I want it to be that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. The Gospel encourages us to live our lives in a way that will bring us back to our Heavenly Father, and that takes diligence and courage, and it is so, so worth it. The times in my life I have been the happiest are the times I am closest with God. He is real.

 My Family

^^Missing my sister in law Logan, sorry!! It was the only one I had!^^

I have a family here on earth, they are so good to me. For real. I don't know what I did to deserve this loving, supportive family but I am forever grateful! Every family is different, and every family has its strengths and its challenges, but I am grateful that I was given this family to go through life with. We strengthen each other and we help each other and we all become better people because of it. I also have wonderful in-laws who I adore, and are so incredibly supportive and loving. God gave us families to help us become what he wants us to be.

Emotional Health

^^My parents watching our first dance. I love this photo.^^

I am grateful that emotionally I feel balanced and at peace. Choosing happiness is a natural choice for me, and that choice affects the way I see everything that happens in life. I think I inherited this one from my mom! For those of you who know her, you know she is the brightest, most joyful person, even through some very difficult things. She has taught me to find joy in every day. Thanks mom!

My Education

^^with my Young Ambassadors sisters in Capetown, South Africa!^^

We are so blessed to be able to receive such wonderful education around here. The opportunities we have in this realm are endless, and education doesn't have to end after you receive a diploma. I am so grateful that I attended a university that revolved around the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and where I received an education not only in journalism, but also in the scriptures, in prayer, and in relationships. Every day at BYU I felt like I was improving myself in so many areas. It was like a four-year deep cleanse of my soul. I developed great habits and got rid of some that hold me back. Living on my own taught me who I really am and what I really want out of life. The friendships I developed will be part of me forever. I am so, so grateful for my education.

Of course, I could continue but I've got to get packing because we're heading up to Snowflake for Thanksgiving! Wahoo!

Happy Thanksgiving to you.
I am thankful that you took time out of your day to read this.