Monday, July 27, 2015

Our last weekend before parenthood!

What do you do when you know your baby is coming in just a few days?
Well, let me tell you.
Since I've already organized and reorganized everything we own,
I spent the weekend doing all the crazy things around town, you know.

Like making jam with my mom...

Enough strawberry and cherry jam to last through my childbearing years!
We had never made cherry jam before, but we had a flat from Montana and decided what the heck, I'm having a baby and feeling like taking a risk, you know?
It turned out quite well!

We also bought some fabric to make a nursing cover because, why not?

Friday night consisted of a mellow date with my baby daddy at Barnes & Noble.
We decided to each pick out five books from the parenting section, and take a few minutes skimming parts of each of them and telling each other what we learned.
My favorite book was titled:
It was straightforward and gave me a good laugh.

Saturday we went to the gym.
I always get interesting looks from people at the gym.
We also did a "dive in movie" at my cousin's house!
We set up the projector and screen and I nearly passed out inflating tubes so we could float around under the stars and watch "Woman in Gold" which was a lovely movie and I highly recommend it.

Sunday we taught our primary class for the last time, which was sad!
Our ward has almost twenty kids turning seven this year,
and we taught all of them at some point and just loved them.

I can't wait to see Jason with our little boy!

Sunday evening I arranged some bonding time for my nephew Bennett and the baby.
They're just four months apart and I can already tell they're great friends!

Today is my due date, but baby Arias is still quite cozy. I still haven't felt a contraction!
I have an induction scheduled for this week though, so we're pretty sure he'll be here either way in the next couple of days which is the craziest thought.

There are a few moments during the delivery I try to envision now
so that I can soak them in and never forget them when they actually happen.
One of those moments is when they will hold that baby up and put him on my chest
and our eyes meet for the first time.
I can't even put into words the part of my soul that is just waiting for this moment!
Even though I can't picture him now, I know I'll look at him and think,
"Yes, I know you! Have you really been in there this whole time?"

Another moment I look forward to is seeing Jason hold our son for the first time.
My eyes fill up with tears every time I think about it.
I wish I could be in his head during that moment. He is going to be a wonderful father.

One more moment I imagine is Jason looking at me while all of this craziness happens around us.
In my mind, the world stands still for a moment, and we can say everything we are feeling without even saying a word.

I can't wait.

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