Thursday, February 5, 2015

Catch up!

I figured it's about time for a little blog catch up!

Life lately has been filled with work, doctors appointments, club soda (with coconut syrup), and nightly walks.
All good things!

The baby is looking great, and I'm hoping I'll start feeling less nauseous soon now that I'm in my second trimester!!
Being sick does have its advantages though...
I've been able to read more and am in the middle of a fabulous book I'll fill you in on later.
In regards to my belly,  still no bump to show
(I just look weirdly bloated, really it's not cute yet),
but I can't button most of my pants for longer than ten minutes... so something must be happening!

Jason has been so so sweet, always making sure I'm comfortable and craving free.
Plus, he walks me every night because a lady he works with said I need to walk an extra two miles a day.
We were pretty big on walking before I became pregnant, but now we're fanatical about it.
It really helps me clear my mind, and of course I enjoy the extra time together!
Plus the spring weather is incredible, and the air smells extra sweet with all the citrus on the trees.

Jason was in heaven last weekend with the Phoenix Open just a few minutes away.
He finally had a place to wear red preppy pants,
and even picked up a part-time modeling contract with under armour!

He also made it to the course extra early and got us seats at the 16th hole where we witnessed a hole in one! Luckily, I reached the top of the stairs as it was happening and nearly missed being showered in beer like everyone else. Just when you thought golf was classy.

After leaving the 16th hole (aka the party hole) we went to an even wilder party (ha!) at my parents' tent.
But really, it was pretty wild.

On a different note, I heard this quote today:

"There is concern that 'wander and play' have replaced 'ponder and pray'"

Especially with social media, we tend to depict the fun, exciting things like golf tournaments and celebrities, but I hope that we still find ways to document, even in our own private journals, the things that really matter.

Happy weekending!

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