Saturday, December 6, 2014


The world would tell us that the best feeling in the entire world comes from:
buying the newest model of your dream car,
finding the "missing piece" to your wardrobe,
or spending an entire day pampering yourself.

Those things are nice, but there are things that can bring us much greater joy than that!
One of those things is the feeling you get when you follow a prompting.
Now that is one of the greatest things I have ever felt.

Following promptings gives you the feeling that you're in a good place, that you're receptive to the spirit, and that you're willing to put your plans on hold - or throw them out all together.

I've had a few experiences in my life where following promptings has changed my life dramatically:
*interning in Washington, D.C.
*living with certain roommates
*choosing my major

I've also had experiences where following promptings didn't change my life dramatically,
but it sure did make some things easier!

Take this week for example...

Yesterday, I had a feeling to clean out my purse.
I did, and found my temple recommend in a very strange spot.
I envisioned myself trying to get into a temple sealing for a loved one, only to look in my wallet and not see my recommend.
I am so grateful for that little prompting!

Two days ago, I had a specific phrase pop into my head.
It took me by surprise, and I had the feeling to text that phrase to my husband.
I brushed it off and told myself I would do it later.
A few minutes later I was eating my lunch and had the impression again to text my husband,
so I put down my fork and sent him the text.
That evening, he told me that text was the answer to a question he had prayed about the night before.

A few days before that, I was looking for something I had lost and it was driving me insane.
Finally, I knelt in prayer and asked the Lord for help.
I stood up, walked directly to a small bag behind the couch, put my hand in and pulled out exactly what I had been looking for.

I don't write about these things to tell you how many promptings I've received lately,
I write this to remind you and me that we are constantly being prompted to do good!

I heard someone say once that they had never truly received revelation.
I thought about this, and asked myself if I had ever received real revelation?
Well let's break down the world revelation.
I'm pretty sure reveal is the root of it.
So has anything ever been revealed to me?
Yes. Yes. Yes.
The location of my keys, the needs of a loved one, the truth of someone's words.
Revelation and promptings go hand in hand.

And one more thing I've learned about revelation:
Revelation seems to come easier and more quickly when it's used to serve someone else

Try it out! I promise it works.
Pray to know who you can help today, and have a pen and paper ready to write down the ideas that come to you.
Then go do them!

For an inspiring devotional on revelation read THIS


  1. Love this. Love you. Love the inspiration and source of goodness you have been in my life for so, so many years.

    1. Aw thank you Liese!! I feel the same way about you. I just love you.