Sunday, November 9, 2014

My first & last Sunday to-do list

It's Sunday at 9:30 PM.
I should be feeling physically rested, mentally clear, and spiritually rejuvenated,
but instead I'm feeling worn out.
I don't think I used my Sunday the way it was intended.

The problem: I'm a list person.
Every Friday, I make a list of the things I need to accomplish before the weekend is over and divide them up between Friday, Saturday, and Monday.
But this weekend... I thought I would try something different.
I decided to make a "Sunday list"
with a few things I thought would be appropriate uses of my time.
Because I've done a few video and photo projects as a service lately,
I figured I could catch up by editing them on Sunday because I wasn't being paid.
But the catch was, even though I wasn't being paid, I was still checking things off my to-do list when I should have been focusing on the Lord's to-do list for me.

Did I spend any time in the scriptures?
Did I pray to find people around me to serve in a meaningful way?
Did I take time just to meditate, ponder and listen?

Sure, the things I was doing were good things.
But they weren't the best things I could have been doing.

The result: me, writing this blog post and wishing I could have a Sunday do-over.

But do you know what's great?
I do get a Sunday do-over.
No, not immediately, but in six days, I'll be given another Sunday to try to be better with.
And in the meantime, I get another Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to try to be better than I was last week.
And so do you!

Thank goodness for that.
So here's to being better tomorrow than we were today.


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