Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jason's Birthday BBQ!

My favorite husband Jason had a birthday a couple weeks ago!
We thought about taking a spontaneous trip somewhere
(since his birthday is on Veteran's Day!)
or going to a fancy dinner,
but when I asked Jason what he really wanted to do, this is what he said:
"I'd like to have some friends over for a barbecue!"

So, barbecue we did!

 ^^ Jason's love for golf was definitely reflected with a couple of birdie ball stations ^^
(if you don't know what this is, just call Jason and he will teach you)

^^ and what's a fall evening in Arizona without a fake outdoor fireplace? ^^

^^ we kept it simple with burgers and homemade french fries ^^

^^ caprese salad skewers  ^^

^^ and italian sodas/dirty diet cokes! ^^
(the peach coconut italian soda was my favorite!)

Jason is the friendliest person I know and is so loved by those around him.
He was in awe of all the friends that showed up to support him!

^^ we finished off the evening with some birthday boy trivia ^^

F, T, T, F, T, F, F, T, T, T, F, T, F, F, T

^^ and an invisible birthday cake ^^

Happy birthday Jase!

You make life so, so wonderful.


  1. Ben obviously had a fun time! (Hahaha his laughing picture)
    You threw an awesome party. Adorable picture of you two at the end.

    1. Hahaha I love that picture so much! I had some niiiice golfing ones of you too that showed your great form, but I thought I would just choose one for now.

  2. This is SOOOO cute! Love you BOTH!

    1. Love you MORE!!! We wish you lived closer :((

  3. Sounds like a great night. Happy Birthday Buddy.

    1. Happy birthday to you too Grandma!! It should have been a joint party! See you Thursday!

  4. Replies
    1. Hahaha! You're right. Since this is being documented for posterity, I'll edit your win/tie with Ben in.