Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why I love road trips

Something strange has happened to me as I've gotten older...
I've learned to appreciate -- and even love -- long car rides!
As a child, I detested them.
In fact, to get all of us kids to sit still my parents would remove the middle seat of our mini van
and replace it with a big, beige futon where we would lay and watch rugrats episodes
that my mom had recorded on big tapes before the trip.

I feel like road trips totally change though once you're able to drive.
They especially change when you're on a private road trip with a boy.
(I think all courtships should involve a road trip at some point)
Some of my favorite conversations with Jason happened when we were dating,
driving back and forth many times from Provo to Mesa!

Which is one reason why I'm thrilled that tomorrow is coming tomorrow.
Jason and I are going up to Utah for lds general conference, an alumni lacrosse game, and the BYU/Utah State game!
We actually tried to go up to conference in April,
but we made the mistake of driving through Las Vegas on the way there 
to spend the night with our good friends, Michele and Joe.
Suddenly, staying in our PJs and watching the sessions with our pals seemed too good to pass up!
So we never made it to Utah... hahaha.
But this time, we're prepared. And to limit distractions, we're driving through Page instead.
(But we may or may not be stopping in Vegas to see them on our way home... holla!)

I've already planned out all the great things we'll listen to in the car, including:
Tuesday's BYU devotional address by Dan Clark, "Four Steps on the Pathway to Heaven"
a couple of sessions of April's general conference
and possibly, if I don't get car sick, I'll read aloud from either Unbroken or The Power of Habit.

But chances are, we'll probably have too much fun talking and laughing
about whatever married people seem to talk and laugh about all the time.

Happy conference weekend!



  1. I love car trips, especially up to Utah. My whole future unfolded on one such trip from Provo to Snowflake in 1955.

  2. I love this! Especially the part where you ditched it for us.... I think I would like car trips more if I had a futon in my car. I love trips with Joe, but we usually get pulled over, which really puts a damper on things! hahaha See you soon lady!