Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference: 10 things

Guys, I love general conference! Like so much.
I always leave conference feeling more uplifted, more connected with God, and more motivated.
This year was no exception!

So here are some notes I recorded in my journal this weekend...

Ten things that touched me this conference:

10. Courage is the form of every virtue at its testing point (C.S. Lewis)
*Deep. I need to read some more C.S. Lewis!

9. We do not discard something we know to be true for something we do not yet understand (Elder Andersen)
*This is one of the great tragedies of life. Stay in the boat, and hold on with both hands.

8. Do you remember the first time you knew there was a God and felt his love? (Elder Hales)
*Two words... Girls' Camp! Holla!

7. People are trying to lower the Lord's standards to the level of society's inappropriateness (Elder Robbins)
*This one is so relevant. Our standards are not negotiable, and we ask that others not be offended.

6. God will not make us something we do not choose to become (Elder Christofferson)
*So... who do we want to be?

5. Human judgment and logical thinking will not be enough to make the important decisions in life (President Eyring)
*Even though we really really want it to be sometimes. Be patient and revelation will come.

4. Cherish the opportunity to fast at least monthly (Elder Holland)
*Sometimes, fasting stresses me out. Food anxiety. I needed this.

3. Marry someone who makes you say, "I know it will be easier to follow the savior with him/her by my side." (Elder Gavarret)
*Check. And so so so grateful.

2. If you are generous, God will be generous with you (Elder Holland)
*This talk was unbelievable. Am I really giving all that I'm capable of? Are we not all beggars?

1.  Selective obedience brings selective blessings (Elder Klebingat)
*This talk on spiritual confidence was my favorite of the whole conference!

And maybe this is just me...
but have you ever wondered what those invisible teleprompters look like for the general authorities?

Well there you go!

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  1. Elder klebingat's talk WAS the best! So many good one liners.