Sunday, October 26, 2014

When your dad goes to a deserted island with a democrat

I think I've figured out through the years that I have a pretty interesting dad.
First of all, he's a fun, hardworking, patient, humble, spiritual, loving and eternally supportive man.
Secondly, he's adventurous, and he's a risk taker.
And finally, he's a U.S. Senator.
See what I mean? Pretty unusual!

Ever since I can remember, my dad has loved reading survival books.
His library is literally full of them, and he's been fascinated with the idea of stranding himself on an island since he was a boy living on a ranch with his ten brothers and sisters in Snowflake, Arizona.
So a few years ago, when he asked for my mom's blessing in doing a solo-survival trip to the marshall islands for his 45th birthday... she agreed to let him go.
So he picked out an uninhabited island on google earth, and off he went with a spear, desalinization pump, machete and some salt and pepper (my mom forced him to take this... and he was glad).
My mom's other condition (aside from the salt and pepper) was that he bring a satellite phone and just check in at night so she knew he was alive.

We thought one week of solitude might have satisfied that reverse-island fever he developed,
but once he got home he knew this was an experience he wanted to share with my two youngest brothers, who, unlike the older three children, can't remember what life was like before congress.

So they pulled up google earth again, picked another island
(that was literally surrounded by shark-infested waters)
and off they went!

So then we really thought the itch had been scratched,
but my dad had another idea. He wanted to return to the island again.
This time, however, would be a little different.
Politically, he's very conservative, and he wanted to bring along someone who thought much differently than him.
My dad has always been known for reaching across the aisle,
which will become even more important after this upcoming election.
Whoever wins the senate will win in narrowly,
and if anything is going to get done it's going to take working together on some things.

So he invited Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico on a survival trip with him,
which to many politicians, would have been political suicide.
But you don't know my dad.
He's courageous, he's deliberate, he's calm, and he's wise.
And best of all, he isn't afraid to break precedents to do what he knows is right.
Whether that makes him popular or not.
Plus, I've never met a colleague of his that doesn't like him,
even if their ideals are on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum.
If that doesn't say enough about him, I don't know what does.

While planning the trip, my dad let Discovery Channel in on what they were going to do,
and they offered to send a crew to capture the week on film.
All of this footage has been edited into an hour-long show Discovery is calling
"Rival Survival"
that will air this Wednesday, October 29!
If you're in Arizona, it will air at 7 pm (if you have direct tv) or 10 pm (if you have cox).
If you live outside of Arizona, it will be on 10 pm ET.

Also, make sure to watch the Late Show with David Letterman Monday night to see my dad!
(and Amy Poehler!)

And to see some footage from the island, check out this video from the Today Show!

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  1. Enjoyed this so much, a good synopsis of your Dad and his adventurous nature.