Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ten weddings in ten months!

As I was editing the last of my summer batch of wedding videos,
I was overwhelmed with overwhelmingness because sometimes it's hard
to edit videos when you're a little burnt out from filming all week at your real job!
But then I was overwhelmed with gratitude to be involved in so many weddings.

In my first ten months I reached my goal of doing ten weddings,
I actually did twelve weddings, ten just sounded nice and round.
I set that goal hoping that I would do about one wedding a month,
but it turns out you don't schedule people's weddings,
they schedule you for their weddings.

So sometimes I had three weddings in two weeks,
or two weddings in one week.
Those are the times I'm not so sure how I feel about wedding videos.

But I quickly get over it when I think of what a blessing these videos have been.
I get to hang out with so many adorable people in love.
I get to have a useful, creative outlet.
I get to capture moments that can't be put into words, like this one:

Bride Megan Sorenson & hugging her mom after her sealing ceremony (see her video here)

I get to practice a skill I will use (probably way too much) for my current/future family.
I get to add some extra cash to our travel fund (holla!).
And because I work with such great people who share their videos with their friends,
I have been getting so much business lately I can't even take it all.

So thanks for the good times, wedding videos.

Now bring on the fall weddings!

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