Sunday, October 12, 2014

A weekend in Utah!

Last weekend Jason and I drove up to Utah for a couple days
and crammed in as much fun as we could!

^Jason keeps me clean while I snack in the car^

Friday I visited my one of my favorite places at BYU,
(the other being the young ambassador rehearsal room)
and watched my amigas Monica and Rebecca produce and anchor the noon show!

I met up with my parents who were also in town for some BYU meetings,
checked out my adopted sister Sydney's dorm room,
then went to Jason's alumni lacrosse game! 

It is so fun to watch Jason play, especially because he played his last game just a few weeks before we met! So sadly, I never got to see him lax it up at BYU.

Friday night we took Jason to his first (what?!) BYU football game!
Of course, I got my favorite treat: cougar tail!
I'm a little weird with my donuts and usually only eat the tops of them... 

 Saturday morning we headed up to SLC and spent the rest of the trip there going to conference!

 And who doesn't need treats for the drive home?
Best road trip snack place ever: winco!
My three favorites are the sugar-free chocolate covered cashews, strawberry sour belts (with enough sugar to make up for the sugar-free cashews), and dehydrated apples.


And in case you haven't seen this video yet of Jason's desert dancing,
I highly recommend it!

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