Monday, August 31, 2015

One month of Wells!

Happy one month to little Wells! It's been a great month. My life be like...
Haha, but really. It's a miracle I haven't gotten sick over the past month from lack of sleep! But when you have a baby I guess naturally you just become supermom and you don't need half as much sleep as you used to get! Less about me, more about the boy.

One month of Wells

staring at his dad
fluorescent lights
head massages
light opera
holding his own bottle
holding his head up
lying on dad's chest
pulling his own hair

pulling his own hair
his pink bottles (they were on sale)

rolling from his stomach to his back on his boppy

Wells is quite the little guy. I think we're going to rename him "Grunt Wellington" because he spends most of his wake time making grunting noises. It's cute until we're in public, then it's a little weird.
He is also eerily coordinated and strong. He holds his head up like a pro and can grab anything with his hands (usually to put it to his mouth because he is always down for a snack). He's also pretty darn close to rolling over -- he did it once on his boppy but I don't consider that the same as a flat surface, though still impressive. Now for some photos!

 Is it just me or are his hands massive?

*Note to self: no flash in the middle of the night

I put him straight on this mat and left him for about 90 seconds and then I find him like this.
I'm stunned.

Five days old. He did this three feedings in a row! He's freaky sometimes.

Good thing Jamie and I were there to chaperone.

 His favorite time of the day!

That little face. I think he is the most beautiful thing in the entire world.

If I have any postpartum hair loss I think I will know why...  

Wells loves his Nana (Cheryl would not be called grandma. I tried to convince her that "Granny" was young sounding, but she opted for Nana.)

This trio kills me!

Now for two funny stories.

So Wells had his first doctor's appointment a few days after he was born and Jason wanted to come so we got ready and independently decided to wear Red Sox caps. I thought it was a little dorky that we were matching, but not enough to do anything about it so we headed off to meet the pediatrician for the first time.

We walked in the door to the office and looked around... it was basically a replica of Fenway Park! So there we are in our matching hats looking like superfans. To be honest, I can't name one player on the Red Sox but I just love Boston because it's Jason's hometown!

It turns out the doctor served an LDS mission in Boston and fell in love with the place, so Jason had a blast talking to him about all their favorite Bostonian things. Too cute, too cute.

The next story brings me back to my own babyhood...

As you can see, I was born with quite the head of hair. One evening, when I was about two weeks old, my parents heard me screaming and my dad ran into my room to find me pulling my own hair! He said my fist was so tight around the hair that my knuckles were white and he had to pry each finger off.

Fast forward 24 years and little Wells is two weeks old to the day. We're in the kitchen and we hear Wells let out a big scream and my mom runs in to find him with a fist full of his hair, trying to pull it off of his head! Ha! Like mother like son.

This past month has been nothing short of miraculous and humbling. A few nights ago Wells was having a hard time falling asleep so I was cuddling with him on the couch. I thought maybe a song would calm him down, so I started singing the first one that came to mind -- I am a Child of God -- and barely made it through two lines before tears were rolling down my cheeks. I looked at my little boy and said a silent prayer of thanks for moments like that one.

Happy one month of Wells!


  1. I've cried singing that very song over and over! Wells is the sweetest. Lucy loves him (as do I!).

  2. I still almost cry every night when I sing it to Payton!! Can't believe he's already a month old!!! He's so cute and I need to see him soon!!!