Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pregnancy and life update

Weeks: 29! I seriously cannot believe in just 11 weeks (at the most!) our baby will be here. He's kicking me in excitement at this moment!

Comfort Level: Still comfortable, except for bending over! And riding a bike (I probably shouldn't be doing that haha). Jason and I try to do yoga a couple times a week and some of the poses are also getting a little tricky!

Symptoms: HEARTBURN! Oh my. I forgot to mention this one last time, but I've had heartburn basically since I discovered I was pregnant around five weeks. It's gotten a little better (which is weird because usually it gets worse for people as their pregnancy goes on) but I am definitely popping Tums like they're going out of style! I've also been having a harder time falling asleep than normal, which is getting old. Come on body, let me rest while I still can!

Cravings: Frozen yogurt! Yogurtland's pistachio with graham cracker crumbs on it always sounds good. Cereal is still up there as well! Other than that, I'm eating all the same stuff I ate before I was pregnant.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Meeting my friends' babies! Jason and I have almost a dozen friends having babies in June, July or August (we're due at the end of July) and it has been so so fun! There have been lots of baby showers to go to and I love seeing so many of my friends entering this new phase of life with me!

In other news, I started a one-sentence journal (inspired by The Happiness Project -- read it!) so here is a little recap of the past week.

5/4: Today one of my wildest dreams came true: Jason got me a dustbuster.
5/5: I can no longer see my toes over my pregnant belly.
5/6: I’ve had a lot of good honeydew lately, which is weird because honeydew isn’t usually very good.
5/7: I came home and Jason was taking on some serious reorganization projects… I think he’s nesting!
5/8: Never, ever let a pregnant lady buy a box of vanilla Joe Joe’s for herself.
5/9: Sometimes you just want a bean burrito for breakfast, you know?
5/10: My personal goal of no social media on Sundays is proving to be extremely worthwhile. Also, it’s mother’s day and I sure love my selfless mom!
5/11: Today I saved a bird from drowning in the pool and saved our house from catching on fire from the barbecue.

Oh! And one more thing...

A few weeks ago I went outside to visit my dead garden (may it rest in peace until Labor Day), and to my surprise, growing through the JUNGLE of weeds were these beauties!

I had totally given up on these, and seeing them pushing through the weed jungle just warmed my little gardener heart.
I transferred two small artichoke plants into the garden last September, and I thought I must have planted them incorrectly or something because they weren't making any progress
(or so I thought).
They just needed some time.

May that be a lesson to me, that there really is a time and season for everything.

Also, beware not to let your artichokes grow for too long... or this will happen!

That's why three of my artichokes are starting to look pretty funky.
But I love them anyway.

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