Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring cleaning!

I've totally caught the spring cleaning bug and I am loving it!
Last weekend, Jason (see above... just kidding) and I sorted through a bunch of things we no longer need and sold or donated them. It felt like I lost ten pounds!

This week I started a big project I've been putting off for months -- maybe years -- now...
organizing ALL my photos and videos!
I've decided it's finally time to back up my external hard drive and computer to google drive and delete all the random things I no longer need.
Oh my gosh guys, it's amazing.
Not only has it alleviated my anxiety that all my photos and videos will burn up in a fire,
I'm going to be able to access everything from anywhere I want!
I've also discovered a treasure trove of old photos...

^the only way to shower at lake powell^

 ^heritage halls baby!^

^a really precious/weird photo shoot with my roommate Katie^

^an even weirder advertisement for a group project I vaguely remember doing...^

^every girl needs a power suit, right?^

^Best Buddies with Endyn. I think we were tap dancing cats in bow ties.^

^Because what's more natural than hanging off an iron gate in an argyle sweater?^

^a sweaty Cuban sunset with my parents^

^eating squid wrapped in cow intestine in Tunisia.. yum^

^Is it just me or does this look like the kind of old dating photos
you find of your parents? I think that's why I like it.^

Going through hard drives of photos has made me incredibly grateful for the random collection of life experiences I have had that fill up my random collection of photos through the years.

My next spring cleaning project (that I probably won't finish for a couple of years...) is typing out all of my handwritten journals. GAH. Wish me luck!

Happy spring cleaning!


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