Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I've taken a sabbatical from blogging.

Sometimes life gets a little crazy,
(in the best way)
And sometimes the least important things in life just slip away.
(like blogging)

So here's a little update on life and what I've learned lately.

- Yes, I HAGS (had a great summer, in case you've been trying to remember what this meant all throughout your high school yearbook). Went on tour with the YAs for one of the best months of my life.
(visit this link to see a documentary series of what we were up to!) Also, spent the other half of the summer as an intern in the political bureau for ABC's Good Morning America. Pretty neat stuff.

- Now I'm back in school for my last year at BYU. Things get kind of gushy sometimes when I think about my last time registering for classes, my last time hiking the Y as a coug (yeah.. I know)! And being done with school for good. I love school.

- There's always stuff to do. Between capstones, two reporting jobs, callings, friends, a trendy yoga gym, and a handsome man... it's a miracle nothing major has started falling through the cracks... yet.

- I'm an auntie! My sister law Linndsy gave birth to a beautiful, round baby boy named Aiden conference weekend. The spiritual rejuvenation really did her good!

- Being busy does not make you better than someone else. In fact, they're probably living a little better than you because they actually have time to walk slow and appreciate the little things I power walk by. I'm working on that.

-Using italics and bold and really small print really makes reading a blog more interesting. 

- Taking weekend trips is fun!
Even when you're only shoe option looks a little bit too similar to a children's brandless basketball high top. Who knows where this is?

- Having someone to stop you from eating sweets during your fall break from *sugar really does help you to stay on track.

*For me, hot cocoa, cinnamon toast crunch, buttermilk syrup, frozen yogurt, and australian licorice contain no sugar. So basically, I've only eliminated cookies, pie, cake, and wrapped candy. But it's improvement!

- Dogs make great storytelling footage. 
(begin watching at 7:45)

- Yoga makes the heart grow fonder.

- Plenty more that I'm not going to tell you. Unless you ask me in person.

So there you have it. I'm here, I'm alive, and I'm just loving life too much lately to spend my time blogging! 

But now that the weather is changing
(hello chapped lips!)
Maybe I'll pay a visit to my blog sometime and say a thing or two about traditional living in a progressive society.
But only if I feel like it.


  1. Loved your story on the guidedogs! Great reporting, great visuals, great interviews! Resume gold :)

  2. Good to hear from you Ms. Swag