Sunday, April 8, 2012


Well, it's been a long time.

So, here's a little catch up!

Saw the craziest show:  Xanadu.  Roller skates, afros, sign language, Australian accents, and my fierce amigas.  Nothing better!

Cut my upper lip on the edge of a chair in the newsroom... many thanks to the anonymous donation of this chimichanga ice pack from the freezer.

                                    Spent a weekend driving around AZ with my family!

                   Got to be home to celebrate McKay's birthday and engagement!  AH!

Took a cake decorating class with Michele in an attempt to become more domestic (not domesticated).

Ryan and Linndsy are pregnant!!  Praying for a girl in this family...

Scored some communications awards!

                                            Falling in love with my reporting job!

Also fell in love with Jackson Hole, WY.

                               Did my last show as a Young Ambassador in America.

Unleashed some llamas!

        Been on a wildlife kick... elephant and camel are done... ostrich, you're up next!

                                                           Got a yellow fever shot.

                        Disco skating for this babe's last weekend of bachelorettehood!

And two more weeks in Utah... then a month in this place!

Hello South Africa.

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