Friday, September 12, 2014

It's back!

Welcome to my new/old blog.

I didn't really do too much with this blog when I started it on a whim one afternoon 3ish years ago, which makes me sad sometimes! I'm a big journaler but my handwriting is caraaazy so I had better document some of my life digitally, you know?

So here it is, my new/old blog brought back for another go around!

But first, let me answer some questions for you...

Question 1: What's with the name?

Ha! About that. Honestly, it just popped into my head.
Actually, the name "14th Century Swag" popped into my head,
but after researching the 14th century for 2.5 seconds...
I knew I was in the wrong hundred years.

So I found a more suitable century, the 17th.
Humankind was changing -- in a good way.
The telescope was invented
The first newspaper was printed
The rotating stage was created
Bacteria was discovered
Ice cream was invented

Good times. Good times.

Plus, the fashion of the time period was fabulous.
(any of these styles look familiar?)

Example 1: Peplum

Example 2: Loose-fitting/maternity-looking tops

And my personal favorite, Example 3:
^Can someone replicate this for me?!^

Also, I like to imagine that people had great manners too.
But that's a topic for another day.

Mostly, I gave this blog its name because it's unique and I like it.
And I think the world could use a little more 17th century swag.
And because it's the name it originally had and I think it deserves another chance!

Question 2: What will this blog be about?

Hm. Good question!

This will probably be a collection of things that I find interesting,
thought provoking, beautiful, fun and timeless.

Also, I will add some personal stories to what I write,
because I really love reading other people's blogs!
I like getting to know how they think and who they are,
and it makes me want to be more open about my life.
So cheers to getting to know each other!

Question 3: What should you know about me?

I am married to the love of my life!
His name is Jason and he is so darn cute.
I live in Mesa, Arizona where I was raised.
I'm obsessed with pistachio flavored anything.
I love to wake up before anyone else.
I studied broadcast journalism at BYU.
I am a videographer.
I love being a woman.

More to come soon!

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